Join the George Washington Club rouse America to fulfill her original purpose.

A single "George Washington" 
is all it takes.

Just one dollar each month helps us rouse America to fulfill her original purpose. It's a motivator, because we are in a battle for America's soul. Your support helps us reach and educate more Americans about America. Thank you!
  •   Revitalize our nation
  •  Win the battle against apathy
  •  Resurrect America's spirit
  •  Put hope into action
  •  Stop America's moral decline
  •  Encourage good in America
  •  Clasp hands w/ fellow patriots

One "George Washington" a Month is ALL it takes.

Your Donation of $1 per month is a way for you to participate in rousing America to fulfill her original purpose as a nation.
The George Washington Club keeps alive this message needed to recover America's spirit. 

America is hurting internally. Our enemy is not external but internal.

Good people need a reprieve from divisive politics. We need to revive our internal strength as a people. We need to instill moral confidence in our leadership. 

We need a greater weapon than political banter. 

We need joy in every family and goodness in every community. We need to keep strong our U.S. Constitution. 

We need to act with hope to instill young people. 

We need to educate Americans about America. 

Your "George Washington" is doing just that each month. Let's grow

"I'm asking you to become a fellow rouser. Your donation allows us to expand our hope and love for America. Thank you." 

~ Eugene Harnett, Chief Rouser
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...cultivating Citizen Leaders in America
Your support gets this message into the hearts of thousands. THANK YOU
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